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Little Daniel was born in Southwick hospital on the 17th march 1993; he lived in Southwick as a baby.

When he got to 13 he was going through issues with his sexuality at high school and found it hard to cope with coming out, he was getting bullied day in and day out for his sexuality, He mentioned in an article that he listened to music to help him get through the bullying and also stated "staying with close friends is important because they will help and support you no matter what, without them I don't think I would of been so strong!"  

By the age of 15 he knew he was gay and was becoming more confident with himself.

He finished school and got a job working in a shoe shop in his local area, also Danny went straight into college where he studied arts and design, he pass with a high distinction star finishing with a 3D gold Lady Gaga masterpiece. By the time he was 16 he completed college.
Daniel was also a model for “Fresh” agencies for 2 years. 

By the age of 17 he made it onto many catalogs and finished modeling after fronting the G-scene magazine in November issue 2011.
Danny left home at 18 to go on to apply for television.
After month’s Danny had found a job at a gay bar in London town which hired Gogo-dancers for show.

Danny’s look changed as he dyed the front of his hair blonde for his new photoshoots, he then ended up dying his whole hair blonde. Danny was working one night when people started shouting out “go danny go go!” Danny was now on stage every night dancing in front of an audience, Danny Gogo was born!

Danny Gogo later quit dancing after months to turn his attention to television,
By the time Danny turned 19 he started auditioning for television programs, such as big brother in 2012 but failed to make it through.

Later on that year Gogo moved back to his hometown, when he started writing songs in his bedroom and started contacting music producers.
Danny still auditioned for television and by the end of 2012 he got offered to appear on the BBC TV program Snog, marry, avoid!
He travelled to Birmingham to face POD, the personally overhaul device, after days of being in Birmingham Danny got transformed into a natural beauty with dark brown hair and no makeup on, his look lasted for a week, but he tweeted “Gone back to my old look, but I loved the experience and seeing myself as a natural beauty, would definitely do it all again, thanks POD!” 

By the age of 20 Danny Gogo had started his own anti-bullying twitter page called ‘D.G. CAMPAIGN’ to help all victims of bullying, also making it for everyone to come together as  one, ‘ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY’ as he stated on the D.G. Campaign page.

Aged 22, after lots of effort he got chosen to appear on ITV's "PICK ME!" a quiz show where Danny went on to win £1000, which proberly lasted a few days!

That same year he travelled to Manchester with his mum to film for series four of ITV's Judge Rinder.

He went into court with his mother about a party that got way out of control which got him told off by the Judge.

His mother won the case and was paid £800 out of damages, I dont think Gogo will be doing that again!

(Aired in January 5th 2016)

 In late January 2016 Danny Gogo and his sister travelled up for his TV audition in London, ITV's Britain's Got Talent where he was faced with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and the hilarious David Walliams.

He sang "Candyman" dressed in a sweety hand made outfit with whipped cream, but failed to make it through and it didn't air on television much to his dissapointment.

Danny Gogo now aged 23 didn't give up and late August appeared on Channel 5 STAR'S "100% Hotter" where he had another makeover and this time transforming himself with a new stubbled look where the public agreed he looked 100% Hotter!

On October 2016, Danny Gogo released his album "Holiday" which featured 5 NEW tracks!

Taking a break for months he still applyed for TV and was back in London filming MTV's "The Room" which unfortunally the series was cancelled but this did not stop Danny!

In April 2017 he was back travelling to Manchester where he filmed Channel 4's "Naked Attraction!" which aired late september.

In Summer 17 Gogo was filming another TV show for ITV2'S "Dress To Impress" He won the date and ended up travelling to Bournemouth to meet Dom. (dispite his injury to his leg in July)

The date wasn't successful and they went there separate ways!

Danny attended the famous Brighton pride where he wore yet again another crazy outfit wearing a 3D Golden spiked armour suit which played his electronic music device!

At Christmas time he announced the name of his second album "Work The Camera" 

Now turning 25 Danny Gogo is to release his brand NEW Album on the 17th March 2018!

What's next for this boy?